• The Yellow Cap

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The Yellow Cap

If You Struggle With Why People Suffer

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An insightful exploration of tragedy and love.

I found it to be a beautiful portrait of the complexity and tragedy of life coupled with an insightful exploration of the spiritual realm and the never-ceasing love and mercy of Jesus. With emotional honesty and humor, Greg presents an intimate and though-provoking story reminiscent of the works of C.S. Lewis and yet uniquely his own.

-Kent Phillips

A story about the power of love

A touching and powerful story about the power of love, both human and God’s love. Author Greg Stone shares his own struggle with the “fairness” of this tragic accident, and how he continued to trust God through the valleys. A sad but also uplifting read!

-Sheila Thomas

Lessons of God's Love Here and Beyond

I highly recommend this book for all who may have wondered about their existence here: “Is this all there is?” The author has honestly and respectfully portrayed this story of mother and son, friends and community intersecting with the Work of a Living, Loving God.

-Jan Craft