Fuzzy Christmas Lights

Growing up I became near-sighted at an early age. I began wearing my first pair of glasses in the 5th grade. I vividly recall those little wire frames. I hid them in my desk and when needing to read the chalk board would quickly put them, then quickly replace them back into my desk. I only began wearing them all the time when a girl sitting beside me said I looked cute in them!

The one advantage of being near-sighted was at Christmas. My Mom would string up those old-fashioned big lights of all different colors. While everyone else was asleep, I would tip-toe into the living room and sit by the propane stove. I would then turn on the Christmas lights and gaze at them while also watching the glow of the stove. Due to my extreme myopia, the lights on the tree were blurred. Big puffs of color blended together to form glowing halos of beauty. It was always a magical, holy moment sitting there, many times on Christmas Eve, seeing an unclear picture, mesmerized by the scene.

1 Corinthians 13:12 says, "For now we see in a mirror dimly, but then face to face. Now I know in part; then I shall know fully, even as I have been fully known." As I have grown older I have experienced many moments in life where the colors have become blurred...and not always in a beautiful way.

This is a fallen world. There is pain, confusion, uncertainty. I have dear friends who have lost loved ones recently. The holiday colors have taken on a less-clear, pain-streaked vision. It will be the sixth Christmas without my Mom, the one who strung up those old lights year after year. The pain of not having her remains deep and profound.

The first Christmas did not begin with "Silent Night," but with the cry of a baby. The baby, God with us, Emmanuel, entered our world not on a chariot, but in a stable. The cries of the newborn King broke into our fallen world with the understanding that life here is at times very fuzzy, confusing and hard...but even in the midst of this beauty can be found in the fuzziness.

This Christmas my prayer for you is that you will embrace the beauty of living this side of total clarity. I pray that the fuzzyness and pain of loss, of uncertainty, of any and all difficult circumstances, will give you a glimpse of beauty instead of pain as you trust the Master Artist of your life...who loves you from Eternity and will love you through Eternity.

Merry Christmas.