I love this picture. Rich Crooker (left) was my Young Life leader when I was a senior in high school. He spent countless hours with me at breakfast Bible Studies, watching me at ballgames, and speaking life into me. 

I myself have invested in many young lives in over 30 years of ministry, many with Young Life. I remember a young man in Joplin, Mike Selby, whose life was impacted through Young Life. After high school he became a volunter leader. He was sharing Christ at a club of high schoolers one night. It made me think of Rich.

I later emailed Rich, and said that the ripples of his investment in my life were rippling out like the waves of water when a rock is dropped in. 

Maybe someday one of the youth who heard Mike speak will be sharing Christ's love with others, like Mike did for them.

Like I did with Mike.

Like Rich did with me.

May the ripples keep growing!

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